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I created L-BAR; the first lesbian bar storyworld. 
L-BAR is built of lesbian bars c1924-2005 reimagined based on oral histories from former bar patrons and owners. The world is interactive and virtual.  
You can find more information on the L-BAR website 
or follow the direct link to the L-BAR experience 
use a computer please and meet friends inside. Always free. Available until March 31st. 

Custom Worlds

your organization your story

I also make custom one-of-a-kind worlds for your virtual events using Spatial Chat and the ohyay platform. From classrooms and office spaces to global events and conferences. 

As a creator Elena seeks to create custom worlds specific to your organization with an intention to deepen social impact. Her design work spans a wide range, encompassing various realms from Latinx futurism to feminist utopia spaces. Recent clients include The Prosperity Project, Pop Culture Collaborative, Sundance New Frontier and elementary school spaces. Her constant mission is to create immersive environments that are world building and inclusive.

If you are interested in creating a custom world for your next event please reach out! 

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