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Commercial Voiceover Reel

Agent, Jennifer Garland

Circle Talent, (310) 496-4501

How to Be An Ending 

A solo theatre play, written and performed by Elena Rosa


Hudson Guild, Hollywood

Playhouse, Santa Monica


PAULA. I see all kinds. Some of them are pregnant or already have a baby. Some of them are eager to get their first job and be on their own. Some of them are running from something. Many of them are tired. It’s amazing how people can run when they are tired. How fast they can go. So fast they forget what was behind them. What was there. The color of it all. Like the color was never there. These girls—they run so fast that they crash right into me—I mean they really hit me. And they startle me. And for a second they have this look across their face—something optimistic. It happens so quickly, but by the time they catch their breath and pull some hair behind their ear—when they look at me—I mean really look at me—their faces drop, and turn to despair, because I’m tired.

Paula is tired of living—Will wants more guns—David wants a boyfriend—Madison wants to keep her baby out of foster care—and Vicente’s dog won’t stop barking! Everyone is busy—and everyone can’t seem to see Matthew, until it’s too late. There is something in the walls here, something in the buildings and the yards and the trains. Something in the way they look at each other, something in the way they want. And run. And everyone is running from Matthew.

In a crumbling and surreal world, 6 characters fight to understand why they left Matthew behind.

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